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As long as you see this page, you will be able to apply for a FREE Clarity Call.

Once the timer hits zero, I only accept 1:1 clients to apply to work with me at a higher pricepoint.
You will need to wait at least 2 months for the next release in 2022
for a group program that is likely to be DOUBLED in price

Menopause Weight Loss 🌱
Does Not Have To Be Hard 

How to stop the struggle of trial and error once and for all

How to lose weight during menopause?

Our body is made for survival, not for weight loss and menopause makes it even harder.

How would it feel to have your body work WITH you, not against you?

Having access to data of 100.000+ clients, I can customize a nutrition plan for YOUR body to lose weight the healthy way. `

This is the fundament we will use in the Live Lighter Challenge that is about to start October 10!

So this is NOT a one size fits all approach and certainly not another hype diet. I make weight loss PERSONAL and inevitable.

But first we have to see IF you are a great fit or not.

STEP 1 is to book a Clarity Call 

What you will get out of this clarity call.

  • Which Goal Weight is realistic for YOU

  • How to restore the belief you can do it this time

  • How to get results quickly      

Are you ready to lose weight for health NOW...If you only would know HOW?

This page is only for ACTION TAKERS:

😊 You already have made a decision on WHY you want to lose weight. And it is so much stronger than "I like to lose weight"

😊 You want to focus on eating BETTER to improve your health and/or prevent disease, with weight loss as an inevitable side effect.

The problem?

😬You just don't know HOW yet. You struggle with how much to eat to lose weight. Once you would know the HOW, and you could follow an easy, proven way, step-by-step, you know you would give it all to get results.

😍 If that is you, I invite you to book a FREE Clarity Call TODAY before the timer hits zero on my website. Just pick a time and date somewhere this week that fits you best.

⏰If the timer hits zero, you will be too late ⏰


😃you will get clarity regarding YOUR personal situation and get clarity of what next step you could take to get from where you are and where you want to be

😃from all clarity calls, I will handpick a group of maximum 10 action takers, to work closely with during 6 weeks:

1. To get them amazing results - up to 15 pounds weight loss and drop at least 1 size

2. Empower them to learn a new lifestyle, without giving up guilty pleasures so there is no more yo-yoing but a lifestyle for the rest of your life

3. To create an app to motivate, educate, communicate and keep you accountable and keep track of your progress.

Yes, We will make weight loss even FUN. 🤩

⏰What if you DO NOT take action? ⏰

1. Your chance to join disappears at the best price ever.

2. You will have to wait until the next release - somewhere next year, which is going to be at a much higher price point (the actual price this program deserves)

To be clear: Booking a Clarity Call will give you clarity about the next steps, and me the clarity if you are a good fit for the 6 weeks challenge ...or not


PS If you WOULD get access to the Challenge, here is a final reminder of everything you could get:

✅ The ALIVE 🌱 Blueprint, which is a life-changing program to help you lose up to 15 Lbs and burn fat, without the need to exercise or feeling hungry.

😃You will feel better from within and look better from the outside.

😃You will have more energy and feel more ALIVE

✅ How to overcome emotional eating, so you will be able to stop overeating and get back control over your food and body, instead of the other way around

✅ 6 x Weekly Group Coaching and Q&A, so you get your questions answered, stay motivated and never get stuck again.

We will make it FUN to get results.

Furthermore, you will get the following bonuses:

✅ 1:1 Access to me.

We start with your Personalised Goal Setting & Nutrition Session, so you will know what YOUR body needs to lose weight and reach your weight loss goal, based upon scientific research

✅ Personalised Nutrition Guide, so you will be able to adapt ANY recipe for weight loss. I will empower you to take back control over your body and life

✅ Quick Start 2 week menu plan with a grocery list so you can take off immediately with ease

✅ A digital recipe book so you will become a master in cooking delicious meals

✅ 3 different Planning Schedules so you will find your way to put your food and yourself first, no matter how busy you are. With my practical planning approach, you will SAVE up to 4 hours a week

✅ And much much more

Time is running out to grab your spot as a founding member, getting a 50% DISCOUNT.
Next release in 2022 price is likely to be doubled.

📌 How do I claim one of the final remaining spots? It is a 3 step process:

1. Comment with “ACTION TAKER” on my latest post on Facebook, to show that you are serious and inspire others in our group.
You need to do this to claim your 50% discount.
2. Book your Clarity Call TODAY
3. DM me that you did

And we will talk soon!

This website and my services are for educational purpose only.

This system is based upon scientific research and implies natural food and nutrition to help you transform to a lifestyle instead of using a diet to deprive yourself. 

Always consult with your doctor or specialist, especially if you are using medicin. Because of natural nutrition, your body can improve and so can your bloodvalues. Which might mean your doctor has to review the dosing of your medicin.

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