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The world is running fast and we're trying to catch up with it. As a result, we often choose convenience over time and don't prioritize our food.

After 4 years of struggling with plantbased diet in a busy life, I have developed some amzing timesaving habbits. I have them here for you, so you can save hours too !

  • 4 Best Planning Hacks, so you will not become a victum of binge eating

  • 2 Best Storage Hacks, so you will have a healthy solution on hand for unexpected timepressure

  • 4 Best Kitchen Hacks, so you are able to relax more during cookingtime

Claudia Kaldenbach, Health Hacker

On a mission to create a greener, happier and her healthier planet.

After 4 years strugling with weight loss as a busy vegan, she went on a quest to find what WOULD work.

Based upon new gained insights (scientific proof), she created a new lifestyle and got rid of unhealthy overweight and high blood pressure meds (after 30 years).

"I am on a mission to help other busy vegans to lose weight effectively, so they free themselves from frustration, feel alive and live the life they love".

Let's contribute to a greener, happier and healthier world ! 

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on your plantbased weight loss journey.

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