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Want Me To Be Your Expert Guest?

If you'd like to interview me on plant-based weight loss during menopause, I'd be happy to educate and inspire your group or podcast listeners.

If we think it might be a good fit, I will send you my one page bio and photo to use in promotion.

Let's Talk To Discover More

Previous Podcast & Live Interviews

Plant Based Lifestyle For Weight Loss For Health

Menopause And A Plant-based Diet:
a GREAT combination

Kathleen Gage is all about plant-based eating for health. I have been her guest in this 30 minutes interview.

A great podcast to subscribe to if you want to be inspired why plant-based food is great for health.

How to take care of the most important asset in your business: AKA YOU

Monika Stachon is a business coach and in this conversation whe explore how to better take care of ourselves.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Wil is a coach and hypnotherapist, who helps high achievers get it all. Success AND happiness.

During this interview we explore the relationship between stress and eating/drinking and how to avoid this from happening.

Eat for Change

Paula Schmitz is the founder and host of this show, focussed on helping others improve health.

Her focus is on a holistic approach in improving health for the spirit, mind, emotions and body.

During this episode, we also talk about genetics- do they matter?

Living Well Show

Dr Shelia Graig Whiteman is the pelvic coach and host of this show.

We discuss how women in menopause can live a lighter life, so they can feel happy, confident, and free.

Plant-based health & weight loss for the win!

Christine Gold is the host of this show and she is a Soul Purpose Mentor, Healer and Medium (and turned vegan recently herself). Let go of the ego and healing can begin.

She turned vegan herself some months ago and interviewed experts during Veganuary.

The real cause behind global obesity

Kate Kunkel is an expert on brain health and plant-based nutrition.

In this interview we talk about the benefits of plant-based food and why 50% of people worldwide ended up being overweight.

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